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Amazon Authority Site Package

Authority sites are the latest trends in Website development. If you are thinking of long term business and want to earn steady revenue from website, authority site is the answer. Authority sites offer slow but steady growth and long term profit potential.

Amazon Authority Sites Are The Best Investments Right Now To Make Passive Income

Search engines are getting more difficult these days and you cannot fool them anymore with thin content sites or 2-3 page websites. Even if you get to the first page for a search query or keyword, it will not last long as the authority sites will take over your positions! The ultimate solution is an authority site that offers quality content, proper site layout, effective content distribution and regular SEO promotion.

It can be a frustrating and time consuming process to learn everything that involves building an Amazon Authority Site. This includes keyword research, setting up the website, preparing content, SEO and optimization process, and then finally waiting for 3 to 6 months for getting visitors that converts into sales and you get affiliate commissions. We take care of all these for you and you don't even need to lift your fingers.

What Our Amazon Authority Site Package Offers?

In short, we are going to develop a Amazon Product Review Website for you from scratch and slowly build up the pages with content that are well optimized, offers value to the visitors and loved by the search engines.

We will first conduct niche research and find a suitable low to medium competition keyword and then expand the keyword to find more related suitable keywords. Then we will develop the site using a good domain and hosting, design the site, populate the site with high quality unique content and finally start SEO and promotion process. The whole process requires 3 months and we guarantee results without any questions.

What Will You Get?

Profitable Niche Selection

We will select a profitable niche that offers high commission paying products from thousands of products listed in Amazon.

Complete Keyword Research

We will conduct a thorough keyword research to find some low competitive easy to rank keywords for faster results.

Professional Website Design

We will get the suitable domain for and setup the website with professional quality design, theme and plugins.

Premium Logo And Graphics

Premium quality professionally designed logo and premium stock photos will be used for the website we are building for you.

High Quality Content

Professionally written well optimized content is the key to success in Amazon authority site development venture.

Complete SEO

Complete on site optimization and off site SEO is included for 3 months guaranteed to rank for our targets.

Weekly Report

We will provide you every details on our progress regularly to make sure you don't feel left alone.

Unbeatable Support

Continuous support through email and skype is available throughout the site building process and even after that.

Package Price: $299.00 Only X 3 Months
Or $897.00 Only (One Time Payment)

Ready To Start Your Amazon Authority Site Journey?

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Our Amazon Authority Site Development Process

The first step of our Amazon authority site building process is to conduct proper research and find a low competitive high paying profitable niche.

Based on our target niche we will start gathering one or more low competitive keywords that we can rank fast and easy. Our target volume of visitors for the keyword(s) will be 10,000+ per month. (Read through to learn why)

We will find a suitable domain name for your Amazon Authority site. We prefer a clean aged domain if available. We will also provide free hosting for a year with options to continue in future with paid subscription.

It is time for us to start setting up your Amazon Authority site. We will setup the site using WordPress including professional theme, premium logo, premium and free WordPress plugins as needed.

Content is the most important factor for authority sites. Our Amazon Authority sites will have 20,000+ words professionally written high quality optimized content that will blow your mind.

On-site optimizations are necessary these days as they are crucial for any site to rank well. We make sure our Amazon Authority Sites offer best possible loading speed, secured SSL hosting, optimized images and content.

Finally we will start our off-site SEO and promotion process to make sure your Amazon Authority site get the ranking it deserves. We will run our exclusive link building and promotion process for three(3) consecutive months to fulfill our commitment.

The total time required from niche selection to site setup to SEO promotion requires three(3) months and at this point we are confident about your site getting some visitors and conversions. You can take full control of your site at this stage and send us a cool feedback :)

Package Price: $299.00 Only X 3 Months
Or $897.00 Only (One Time Payment)

We Do All The Hard Work For You To Make Your Website Successful And Make It Profitable

Interested In Our Amazon Authority Site Package? Leave a few words and we will get back to you.

How Profitable Can Amazon Authority Site Be For You?

Let us show you an example of how much you can make out of the Amazon authority site. So, you may have already noticed, we target one or more keywords to make sure the total visitor volume is 10,000+ monthly. Based on that number let us just give you and idea of what you may expect:

Keyword(s) Volume 10,000 Visitors/Month Total amount of monthly visitors we target with our keyword(s)
Site Monthly Traffic 3,000 Visitors/Month Your site will get around 30% of total visitors for first page rankings
Affiliate Link Clicks 750 Clicks/Month About 25% of your site visitors will click on an affiliate links to visit Amazon
Conversions/Sales 37.5 Sales/Month About 5% of your referral visitors will end up buying the products on Amazon
Commission Per Sale $6.00/Sale Based on 6% commission for $100+ priced products we target
Total Commission $225.00/Month Total commission you may earn per month

So from the above scenario you can expect to earn $225 or more from affiliate commissions per month. Note that we haven't yet calculated other secondary revenue sources from the website if you placed Adsense or other CPC ads, CPA ads or native ads which is always possible.

Finally you can assume on a 12 months period, you are spending $299.00X3 or $897.00 and 3 months development process plus time to reach the target, then earning 9X$225.00 or $2025.00 revenue for 9 months, finally ending up with a $1128.00 net profit. Even if you flip or sale the website at this point, you will easily get $225.00X30 or $6750.00 (sale price based on 30X the monthly revenue)!!

NOTE: The above is just an idea of what you can achieve and the real numbers may vary based on various circumstances.

Our Amazon Authority Site Package Includes

Quality Niche Selection
Extensive Keyword Research
Free Domain For 1 Year - Value $50+
Free Hosting For 1 Year - Value $180
Professional Quality WordPress Website Design
Premium Quality Theme and Plugins
Premium Logo Design and Stock Photos
20,000+ Words Professionally Written Content - Value $300
Complete On-site Optimization
3 Months Premium Quality SEO - Value $897

Package Price: $299.00 Only X 3 Months
Or $897.00 Only (One Time Payment)

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